Thursday, 5 June 2008

Poetry Occasions Announces Membership Program

Personalised poetry site: Poetry Occasions announced a new membership program May 28. From June 12 loyal customers who buy personalised poems frequently throughout the year; card verses to write into all their birthday cards, and gift poems for the really big occasions, will be able to sign up with an annual fee of £10.00 and get 5 small card verses free per year, and a 25% discount on all other Poetry Occasions products.

Liam Bailey, Poetry Occasions proprietor said:

"I started this business to give everyone the opportunity to feel the warmth from giving someone the gift of personalised poetry written just for them. We have always hoped that Personalised poetry in small 4,8 and 12 line verses would become a family favourite, that people would buy to write into all their cards for every occasion. The new membership program is to make this a lot more affordable for everyone. "

The new membership scheme will be accompanied by a new design for the website, to give it a brighter, fresher and more welcoming feel. Other news is that Personalised Cards, and E-Cards are being phased out. Liam also gave a little information on this decision:

"It is far more time consuming for me to create cards and write the poems, than it is just to write the poems, and my designs are never going to be as good as the bigger companies and their teams of designers, but my poetry is as good as anyone's. Some will call that statement vanity, and I would direct them to the testimonials page."

The new design and the membership scheme will be initiated simultaneously on June 12, as the programming required for the membership scheme is being done along with the redesign. As with all Poetry Occasions products and services, the payments for the new membership will be taken and processed via Paypal, so buyers can be assured of complete security.

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About Poetry Occasions

Poetry Occasions gives customers the unique opportunity of commissioning a published poet to write a personalised poem for them, be it a small, medium or large verse for them to write into a card, or flower card, or a 4 verse framed poem as the perfect gift. Personalised poetry written especially for a loved one is like giving your love framed and gift wrapped.

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Friday, 25 January 2008

Valentine E-Cards: The Next Big Thing?

With so many people receiving and giving anonymous Valentines cards, could personalized valentine e-cards be the next big thing? Personalized poetry and card site Poetry Occasions certainly hope so, having just launched the long-awaited valentines e-card range. Liam Bailey, the Man behind Poetry Occasions gave me the skinny on the new range:

"So many people write their own additional verses into valentines cards, but the verses are so tired, roses are red and such like, Poetry Occasions e-card, like their print counterparts, will each have a personalized poem, based on information provided by the buyer making it a unique and truly special love poem -- certain to have sweethearts melting. Offices and workplaces immediately spring to mind, people could order a valentines e-card, with a personalized short love poem on the back, and have it sent to a secret crush(es) in their workplace."

The great thing is the cards are free, people pay only for the verse and the price therefore depends on the size of verse they choose: £3.99 for a small 4 line verse, £7.49 for a medium 8 line verse and £8.99 for a large 12 line verse. The e-cards will be sent as a html attachment, with a link in the email body to the e-card published on-line in case the recipient is untrusting of unsolicited attachments. Upon opening or visiting the card online, first the front will be seen, with the greeting entered by the buyer as well as the recipients name. After a short while the card flips over to reveal the personalized poem written especially for the recipient.

Valentines e-cards are available right now, and the range will be extended to cover all occasions in the coming weeks and months. Printed personalized Valentine cards are also available at Poetry Occasions, as well as personalized birthday cards, anniversary cards and congratulations cards, again the range will be extended in the coming weeks.

About Poetry Occasions

Poetry Occasions gives customers the unique opportunity of commissioning a published poet to write a personalised verse for them, be it a small, medium or large verse for them to write into a card bought elsewhere, or a card bought from Poetry Occasions, or a framed personalised gift poem.

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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Published Liam Bailey Poems: Your Child

Who can right the terrible wrong?
Of a child brought up, with anything but love.
Ease the suffering, pain, and sadness
Of a child brought up, with any of the above.

A child being born is a joy, to behold.
A child being born is a boy, to be held.
Given constant care and a toy, to be told
What is right and how to behave, good as gold.

When he starts to shave
He should know how to behave.
Right from wrong,
He might never catch on.

Your time has been well spent,
If he goes to the grave at a ripe old age
Still behaving like a gent.
Though you've been wasting your time
If he dies in a cage
Locked up for a terrible crime.

This was one of the first poems Liam Bailey wrote, and his first to be published in print. Read more recent poetry on the Poetry Occasions Samples page.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Poetry Occasions Enters the E-card Market

From January 10 onwards E-cards will be on offer at personalised poetry site: Poetry Occasions. The new product is an extension to the card verses range, now customers can have the cards sent to them by email as before, or from the same form in the e-cards section, after choosing the e-card design they like, can give someone else's email address and have the verse sent to them as an e-card.

E-cards are available in the same range as card verses, that is containing a small four line verse, a medium eight line verse and a large twelve line verse. What customers will perhaps be most surprised by is the fact that there is no price increase; e-cards can be sent to the customer's chosen recipient, for the exact same price as a card verse only.

Poetry Occasions proprietor Liam Bailey said: "as more and more of us turn to the computer instead of the high-street for almost every aspect of our lives, the upturn in the new e-card phenomenon was only logical. It suddenly struck me as silly to be selling card verses to be delivered by email and written into cards, without giving people to have the verse sent to their loved one by email, encapsulated in a nice e-card."

The new products are part of a new site launch and a professional redesign for the site. Depending on negotiations with various print firms personalised cards will also be available from January 10, though unlike many competitors, on the inside the cards will each have a well written personalised verse, written especially for the recipient.

Some of the e-card designs in the pipeline are nothing short of spectacular, well; they had to be so as not to detract from the new design and functionality of the site as a whole. The existing product range will still be available, including four verse gift poems.

The new focus on cards is in preparation for the Valentines rush, in response to numerous customers enquiring if they could have their Poetry Occasions Christmas card verse sent by post in a personalised card. Fed up with turning away trade Poetry Occasions had to enter the card market.

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About Poetry Occasions

Poetry Occasions is a breath of fresh air in the personalised gift and card market, not least in the fact that the prices are by far lower than any of the competition. The samples available on the site show that the lower prices are not because the quality is any lower.

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Monday, 24 December 2007

Discount for Military Families at Poetry Occasions

New personalised poetry website Poetry Occasions launched a new War families Dec. Poetry section 10, where the wives and families of soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan will be able to purchase gift poems to send to their loved ones in the war zones at a 15% discounted price, card verses will receive a 20% discount, in the run-up to Christmas. After Christmas a discount of 10% on gift poems and card verses will remain in place until the wars end.

Poetry Occasions is already one of, if not the cheapest personalised poetry site on the net, but site owner Liam Bailey said: "I believe that a personalised poem is the most special gift you can give, it is like gift-wrapping your feelings for a loved one. Even just a small verse can convey so much love and really make a card special. Never is it more important to let a loved one know you love them and that they are in your thoughts as when they are risking their lives daily in a far-off war zone."

This new domain is a Christmas promotion to begin with, but may become permanent depending on usage. Even if the war domain is removed, war families will simply be able to order by phone or email to receive their discounted prices.

Of course, in this day and age, some sort of proof will be necessary that the poem is indeed for a loved one currently in Iraq or Afghanistan. Something like a photographed envelope postmark or a dated photograph of the soldier in question will suffice. Liam Bailey added: "I realize that it is pretty close to Christmas and families will need to be sharp in order to get the verses or poems to their loved ones, but a gift or verse this special will have been worth the wait should it arrive late, and most families will already have sent out their Christmas gifts and card, a poem will just be an excellent extra."

Things are changing fast at Poetry Occasions, watch this space because this will not be the last big announcement this year. Liam Bailey told me that he is considering the possibility of a line of personalised cards encapsulating his verses, there will almost certainly be an extension of the backgrounds and borders available to choose from on the site. In a planned new system, customers will select their location, either UK or non UK as they do now, but then they will go onto a background/border selection page, where they then click their choice to proceed. Check here for regular updates

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About Poetry Occasions

Poetry Occasions is a breath of fresh air in the personalised gift and card market, not least in the fact that the prices are by far lower than any of the competition. The samples available on the site show that the lower prices are not because the quality is any lower.

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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Poetry Occasions Gets a Christmas Make-Over

Those of you that have visited the personalised poetry site Poetry Occasions will hardly recognise it on a return visit from November 30 onwards. November thirty saw the heavyset top bar gone, to be replaced by a lighter and brighter top link bar, which really sets off the vibrant new look. Proprietor and builder of Poetry Occasions Liam Bailey said:

"I am new to website building and learning all the time. I am extremely happy with my second and final attempt. Since I launched the site November 5th I have learned a copious amount (enough to get by anyway) of PHP scripting language and brushed up my html skills, when I was confident I had learned enough to redesign and build my site I hit the drawing board. I am confident that users will be impressed by the site and its new look."

Equally as impressive is the way it works. Poetry Occasions is now split into only four sections, Seasonal, which is currently Christmas Poetry, Love Poetry, Card Verses, all of which are introduced in style on the front page, and Gift Poetry is linked from the top bar. Love poetry and Christmas poetry are unique in that you can select a four verse gift poem or a card verse on the same page.

The new design let's users select their product, be it a 4 line card verse for £0.50 or a 4 verse gift poem for £10.00, they are then directed to the right form to input the information for use in the poem, before then going on to pay for their poem. Those of you who have visited the site will wonder how the number of pages could be chopped so drastically, simple: occasion is now one of the things customers input on the form, users directed to the form from the Christmas poetry page will find the occasion box already filled out for them. Also new is the option to pay for your poem by post and a testimonials page.

More changes come in the form of the new Poetry Occasions blog to display media coverage and Liam Bailey poetry, and a picture gallery feature is also in the pipeline.

Because Christmas shopping can often be stressful, Liam just wanted his customers to be able to find what they were looking for a little easier, and to give his site a fresher feel at the same time. Time will be the greatest judge of whether or not he succeeded.

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About Poetry Occasions

Poetry Occasions is a new website where you can buy personalised poems for any occasion, or just as a surprise gift. You can buy framed 3-4 verse poems, small card verses and flower card verses. All are written on information provided by the customer giving a truly special personalised verse.

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